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Guest Blogger: The TomKat Studio’s How to Host the Perfect Summer Soiree

Today we are sharing a fun summer celebration theme we created in partnership with The Tomkat Studio! All content and photography was taken from The TomKat Studio.

I am so excited to announce our partnership with Zoës Kitchen! With more than 200 restaurant locations, Zoës Kitchen offers fresh, delicious Mediterranean-inspired food. Lucky for us, we have a restaurant right around the corner from our shop in Chandler! When the opportunity came up to work with Zoës to showcase their fabulous party packs in celebration settings, I knew it was a perfect fit. As you may know, I am half-Greek and absolutely love Greek food, especially my Yaya’s, and Zoës too!

For this Summer Soiree theme, we wanted to put together an easy outdoor dinner that could be used to celebrate a special occasion or just elevate an everyday dinner with friends. With Zoës Kitchen Live Med Party Pack and our tips + ideas, you can easily create your own memorable summer celebration!

Tip #1: Create fun Summer Soiree invitations to get your guests excited about the gathering!

Tip #2: Move your dining room outside for the evening! Dining al fresco is always a good idea when the weather is nice! Create a side serving station for food and beverages and spruce it up with pretty outdoor lanterns to use when the sun sets!

Dining al fresco spread of the zoes kitchen live med party pack for a summer soiree

Tip #3: Create beautiful place settings with a gorgeous table runner, soft yellow napkins and white tableware.

Place settings for a dining al fresco with cactus accents for a summer soiree

Tip #4: Place cards are a great way to make your table feel personalized and to eliminate the question of where guests should sit.

Summer soiree place cards with lemon plants printed on the face

Tip #5: Zoës Kitchen basil pesto & classic hummus with pita and cucumbers provides beautiful pops of color! Use white bowls and platters for eye-catching contrast.

Zoes Kitchen basil peso and classic hummus with pita and cucumbers laid out next to cactus plants

Tip #6: The thin ribbons of zucchini and squash and the bright colors of the fresh vegetables in Zoës Kitchen Live Med Salad make for a beautiful presentation. This delicious salad will have all of your guests raving. Place in a large bowl and have wooden salad servers nearby for easy serving!

Up close look at Zoes Kitchen Live Med Salad set out for a summer soiree

Tip #7: Zoës Kitchen Spinach and Mushroom Piadinas are delicious and best served hot and piled high on a platter!

Zoe's Kitchen Spinach and Mushroom Piadinas plated for a summer soiree

Tip #8: Use a variety of sizes of bowls and platters to create different elevations on your serving station. Add labels to help guests know exactly what delicious foods they’ll be enjoying!

Zoes Kitchen party plater spread set for dining al fresco for a summer soiree

Tip #9: Every celebration needs dessert! Add a drizzle of lemon curd to Yaya’s Chocolate Cake for a fresh twist!

Zoes Kitchen Yaya's chocolate cake with a drizzle of lemon curd set our for a summer soiree

Tip #10: Margaritas are the perfect drink to serve at a summer soiree! Use Zoës Kitchen hand-squeezed limeade as your base and serve in a beverage dispenser so your guests may refill their glasses as often as they please.

Margarita jug made with Zoes Kitchen hand squeezed limeade

Tip #11: Unique glassware is a fresh alternative to the usual margarita glass! With a salted rim and a slice of lime, margaritas are delicious in any glass!

Tip #12: Add a “celebrate” tag to the stem of your glassware to tie in the Summer Soiree theme.

Celebrate tag with lemon trees accenting a glass for dining al fresco

Tip #13: Don’t forget to dress up your table! Potted succulents are the perfect alternative to flowers during the summer. Use varying sizes and types to create an interesting arrangement.

Friend enjoying the Zoes Kitchen party platter at a summer soiree

Tip #14: Send guests home with their own mini potted succulent to thank them for coming!

Potted mini succulent party favor and lemon printed tag for a summer soiree

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