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A Wine Country Celebration With Zoës Area Catering Manager McKay Rehwinkel

Life is about moments; don’t wait for them, create them.

This quote exemplifies a regular day working for Zoёs Kitchen. This company embraces every skill an employee brings to the table, from our line cooks, to our host cashiers, to our sales team. We all work together to create a powerful brand in the food service industry.

And Zoёs Kitchen does not hesitate to celebrate their employees! I was privileged enough to be on the receiving end of one of these moments of celebration. After winning the holiday sales competition, I was rewarded with a trip to California’s Wine Country, a marvelous three-day adventure through the luscious vineyards of Napa and Sonoma counties.

Picture from a Zoes Kitchen employee on reward trip, view of grape trees in a vineyard

From the very beginning, we were spoiled with luxury. Our adventure began at a beautiful suite at the Marriott Napa Valley Hotel and Spa. We got to experience the best food and wine in America. The climax of our adventure was a two-hour wine tasting and tour of Kunde Family Farms. It was as if we were in a magazine shoot, from the amazing lineup of wines, to the tour through historic vineyards… it was certainly an experience to remember!

Picture from a Zoes Kitchen employee on reward trip of a menu at a vineyard

Zoes Kitchen employee with wife on a rewarded trip to a vineyard

From there, we went on to visit several other wineries throughout the wine country, including Chateau Montelena made famous by their award-winning Chardonnay. We learned so much about wine tasting as well as the art of growing and cultivating grapes. Each vineyard told its own story, and we got to experience all of them. Our wine experience ended on a high note with a champagne toast at Domaine Chandon.

Front entrance of Domaine Chandon

Bottle of bubbly from Domaine Chandon

Our pictures certainly tell a story of love, celebration and adventure. Thanks to Zoёs Kitchen, I get to relive my experience in Napa Valley every day at work because I am able to embrace what it means to deliver goodness. Zoёs means “life” in Greek, and we certainly got to live life to the fullest in California Wine Country! Thank you, Zoës!

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