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Guest Blogger: The TomKat Studio’s Hosting a Mediterranean Shower

Today we are sharing another celebration theme in partnership with The TomKat Studio! All content and photography was taken from The TomKat Studio.

For this Modern Mediterranean Shower theme, we wanted to create a gathering that could be utilized for any special occasion and especially for bridal and baby showers. With Zoës Kitchen Catering, our tips + party decor ideas, you can easily create your own memorable event!

Tip #1: Decide on a space for your celebration. A gorgeous dining room or outdoor patio are perfect choices for this rustic, neutral party theme.

Mediterranean shower themed dining room with food catered by zoes kitchen

Tip #2: It is a great time to pull out your favorite dishes, linens, silverware and glassware for this special occasion. Create simple floral arrangements for the table using a mix of white blooms and greenery.

Mediterranean shower themed plating set up with flower accents

Tip #3: To add a personal touch, create place cards, food labels, invitations and more!

Personal place cards, food labels, and invitations for a Mediterranean shower theme

Tip #4: Zoës Hummus and Pita is a great choice for any party. Serve on a gorgeous platter for a perfect presentation.

Zoes kitchen hummus and pita set in a bowl with pita surrounding in a Mediterranean shower theme

Tip #5: Zoës Greek Salad is a crowd favorite that your guests are sure to love.

Zoes Kitchen Salad spread on a serving table with hummus and sandwiches for a Mediterranean shower theme

Tip #6: Don’t forget dessert! After the meal, serve Zoës delicious chocolate chip cookies to make a big impression!

Zoes Kitchen chocolate chip cookies at a Mediterranean themed shower

Tip #7: Floral crowns are a pretty addition to this shower. Keep your guests busy by setting up a station for making their own crowns to wear for the event.

Floral crowns for a Mediterranean shower theme

Tip #8: Send your guests home with a sweet gift topped with a simple ribbon and “thank you” tag.

Mediterranean shower themed party gift with white box and white ribbon

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