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Tomkat: Game Day Celebration

Today we are sharing another celebration theme we created in partnership with The Tomkat Studio! All content and photography was taken from The Tomkat Studio.

It’s that time of year! Football season! If you know me, I am a huge football fan (aka I love Tom Brady) and I’m in 3 (yes, three!) fantasy football leagues this year. What could be better than gathering friends for a day of food, football and fun? We are partnering with Zoës Kitchen to bring you ideas for the ultimate Game Day party! With Zoës Kitchen Game Day Goodies party pack and party decor ideas, you’ll have everything you need to turn your guests into big fans!

Tip #1: Borrow books, trophies and other sports paraphernalia from your husband’s or child’s room (like I did!) to decorate your party display area.

Tip #2: These game day pennants are easy to make using felt and a wood dowel! Print, trace and cut out letters and attach with hot glue.

Tip #3: Printable designs always add the perfect finishing touch to any party.  

Tip #4: To get creative with your food displays, serve sides in individual serving containers like these adorable ripple cups from our shop, along with mini utensils.

Tip #5: Zoës Yaya’s Chocolate Cake is seriously so delicious. Don’t forget to add it your party pack, and dress up the pieces with adorable pennant flags!

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