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Make Every Meal an Occasion Worth Celebrating!

Mealtime is about more than just eating. It’s a delicious reason to share, celebrate and savor life with family and friends. The name Zoë means “life” in Greek. And like our founder, we believe that shared meals encourage a sense of unity and foster family traditions.

Engaging conversations lead to manifestations of the heart.

– DD Wright

Between carpool, after-school activities, homework and bedtime schedules, it often can be difficult to spend quality time with the ones who mean the most to us.

Time is a precious commodity that often eludes our busy, on-the-go society.

In the Mediterranean, when family and friends gather to share a meal together, it’s always a bonding opportunity. You won’t find cellphones or tablets around the dinner table – just authentic conversations that bring the family together.  Because when we gather as a family around delicious food, we aren’t just sharing a meal. We are sharing the best part of ourselves with the people we love.

Mediterranean style donner with an all white layout and cacti in the center of the table for accent

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tips to help spark dinner conversation and family connectivity around the dinner table tonight:

  1. Plan the dinner menu together
  2. Begin each meal in a meaningful way (saying grace or singing a special song)
  3. Ditch the electronics
  4. Ask each family member what the best part of their day was. Try to keep dinner time a positive conversation-only zone
  5. Take the time to plan an upcoming family outing or trip – get suggestions from the entire crew
  6. Assign roles for kitchen cleanup to ensure everyone plays a part

Mediterranean spread, Meditterranean family meal

What is your favorite way to connect with your family at dinner time? Share your tips and tricks for camaraderie around the table in the comments below. #LiveMed

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