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Get More Out of Every Meal

In the Mediterranean, people enjoy a way of life that makes them feel good, both inside and out. Here at Zoës Kitchen, we believe that eating well is more than eating healthy. It’s about eating and enjoying foods that are as good as they are good for you. And, if you could save your heart and overall health by switching to a Mediterranean diet, why wouldn’t you?

The New York Times states that “about 30 percent of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease can be prevented in people at high risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, and even drink wine with meals, a large and rigorous new study has found.”

Fresh spread of Mediterranean ingredients, onions, pita, tomato, basil, peppers and spices

At Zoës, we embrace the Mediterranean way of life and the many ways it feeds the body and soul. Keep your heart healthy by following these five simple Mediterranean tips:

  1. Eat healthy fats (like hummus and avocado) to fight heart disease and lower your cholesterol.
  2. Limit your red meat intake and instead eat fish at least two times a week.
  3. Switch from butter to antioxidant-rich olive oil as your main cooking oil.
  4. Keep fiber-rich snacks handy: almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts.
  5. Enjoy one glass of red wine or a sweet bite of dark chocolate with your meal at dinner.

Mediterranean ingredients with lemon, egg, dark chocolate ready to be added together

Go ahead and try out these simple tips that you – and your heart – will love.

For more delicious heart-healthy options, check out our new menu.

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