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Guest Blogger: The TomKat Studio’s Tips for a Fabulous Girls’ Night In

Today we are sharing another celebration theme we created in partnership with The TomKat Studio! All content and photography was taken from The TomKat Studio.

Zoë means “life” in Greek, and this is embraced in every aspect of Zoës Kitchen. They embrace the Mediterranean way of life – that a fulfilled, happy life is one shared with family, good friends, great food and that eating wholesome, fresh ingredients is key. Zoës delivers goodness by giving guests more time to celebrate life by offering simple, convenient and tasty recipes that can be enjoyed throughout life’s many occasions.

Who doesn’t love a Girls’ Night In gathering? With Zoës Kitchen Catering and inspiration + printables from TomKat, you can easily recreate this casual celebration at home. Grab your girlfriends and host a fun night in with fresh Mediterranean food, refreshing margaritas and delicious sweets!

Tip #1: Dinner doesn’t always have to be at the dinner table! Keep it casual and gather in the family room!

Casual girls night in set up in the living room

Tip #2: My favorite floral arrangements are simple and easy to create. To add pops of color to your gathering, pick up a few bunches of flowers on your way home, cut all to the same length and place in Mason jars or vases.

Floral arrangements to that add color to a gathering

Tip #3: Use Zoës Kitchen limeade as a base for margaritas. Add ice, tequila and a cute straw and garnish for a cocktail that all the girls will love.

Zoes kitchen limeade margarita in a serving platter for a girls night

Tip #4: Don’t forget the Orzo Tabouli. It’s one of my favorite things on the menu. Yum!

Orzo Tabouli on the table for a girls night

Tip #5: For a pretty presentation, scoop the various hummus flavors from your party pack into fancy bowls. Serve with pita bread and cucumbers.

Zoes Kitchen party pack circled by fresh pita and cucumbers

Tip #6: Stock up pretty white plates, bowls and platters! You can use them for any event or party.

Girls night layout with zoes kitchen foods

Tip #7: Don’t forget dessert! Zoës Kitchen offers the most amazing chocolate cake and cookies!

Zoe's Kitchen chocolate cake set up to celebrate a girls night in

Tip #8: Enjoy!

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