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Zoës Kitchen Celebrates the Solar Eclipse

When we talk about Living Mediterranean at Zoës Kitchen, we encourage our guests to be purposeful in taking time with loved ones over a meal, a glass of wine or at home to connect, laugh and share news.  Last week was a perfect example of a connection that was seen across the country – the solar eclipse!  Along with millions of folks around the United States, our store team members and guests paused on work, errands and other tasks to take in a historical moment that has not been visible in the United States since 1979.

To commemorate this moment, Zoës Kitchen locations in the “path of totality” held solar eclipse watching parties on their patios.  Team members handed out free pairs of ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses and free cookies in celebration of the astronomical event.

The Zoës Kitchen Home Office celebrated as well with a watch party at the Granite Boardwalk near our headquarters in Plano, TX! Even though the Home Office wasn’t in the path of totality, everyone enjoyed catching a glimpse of the eclipse as it went by.

No matter where we were, the solar eclipse was an incredible event to watch together as a team and a great example of taking time to connect and make memories.  That’s what Living Mediterranean is all about. #livemed


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