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Mediterranean Goodness for All

At Zoës Kitchen, we strive to help others become their best selves—after all, the Mediterranean lifestyle is all about balance, fitness, and spending quality time with those around you, in addition to nutritious and delicious food. This year, we’re giving you a little boost towards becoming your best self with healthy habits and wholesome Mediterranean meals!

From paleo to keto and everything in between, our fresh made Mediterranean dishes support a variety of dietary lifestyles. We know how hard it is to stick to your nutrition plan when you’re out to eat, so we’ve created menus detailing which Zoës dishes fall under each of the top seven trending diets. Explore our customized menus below to find the right one for you!

We’re also helping you jumpstart your health and wellness goals with our ZK 30 Day plan! This plan features simple, easy-to-do tips and tricks to create better-for-you habits, along with wholesome Mediterranean dishes that support all types of dietary needs. Download the ZK 30 Day plan here!

For even more healthy inspiration, follow us on social media and sign up for ZK Rewards to receive expert tips, recipes and motivation to keep you going throughout the year.

Zoës Kitchen is the registered trademark of Zoës Kitchen, Inc. and its affiliates. References to Paleo and Whole 30 above neither indicate nor imply any certification or approval by the Paleo Diet or the Whole30 Program and solely signify that our food offerings are compatible with the Paleo and Whole30 diets.

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