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Spring into Summer with Orangetheory Fitness Houston Head Coach Charlotte

Guest post by Head Coach Charlotte of Orangetheory Fitness Houston

How many of you started the New Year off strong with health and fitness goals? And how many of your goals have slowly faded in the rearview mirror?

As the head coach of Orangetheory Fitness Houston, I constantly see several of my members losing motivation to exercise throughout the year. The focus on achieving their goals hasn’t bloomed, but instead quickly faded. It’s time for an attitude re-boot and action plan that will energize a lifelong journey towards vitality to help you spring into summer with growing confidence and glowing health.

First, just as you might do with a pesky electronic device, you must “shut down” the system, i.e. go for a walk, but not just a quick walk down the block with your dog; make it a prolonged, relaxing walk, take in your surroundings and enjoy being outside. Ease yourself into a mellow Mediterranean mindset by reflecting on the positive changes you made at the beginning of this year. Recognize and value incremental progress, and delete all-or-nothing thinking.

For example, rate your workout consistency on a scale of one to ten. Perhaps your goal was four or more times per week but, with weather restrictions, sporting events, your cousin’s visit, a touch of the flu, and life in general, you only exercised once or twice a week. You didn’t reach a “ten” on your mental success scale, and instead gave yourself a “four.” Ask yourself now, “What will it take for me to move up to a ‘six’ on that scale?” Don’t let the strive for perfection prevent you from making progress.

Now that you’ve re-booted your attitude, look at your health and wellness holistically and make foundational changes in three areas: food, movement and sleep.

Food: Look for fresh, high fiber and low sugar ingredients. Choose an apple over an apple Danish. Eat something green and leafy every day – hooray for spinach, arugula and kale!

Movement: The gold standard for health is 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week plus two strength training sessions. As you chase that goal, increase your everyday activity: Use stairs, park in the far corner of the grocery store lot or do squats during TV commercials. Be creative and find 5 or 10-minute activity bursts you can insert into your daily routine.

Sleep: Respect your body’s need for regular sleep habits to drive energy, store  memories and calm anxiety. Insufficient sleep, in quantity or quality, can diminish your ability to burn calories and can result in weight gain.

Come see Coach Charlotte at Orangetheory Fitness – Houston Tanglewood, or visit any Orangetheory Fitness Houston studio near you; your first class is free! Orangetheory Fitness is a 60-minute interval-based workout with equal parts cardio and strength training designed for all fitness levels.

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