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Commit to Back-to-School Fitness

Guest post by Orangetheory Fitness Houston.

We hope you were able to enjoy some of those lazy days of summer, with a dash of unstructured time and a dollop of outdoor fun. But, back-to-school season is here and life for kids and parents will soon accelerate.

Many of our Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) Houston coaches are parents and understand the stress back-to-school season brings. Even though our coaches work in the fitness industry, they find non-work time for their own exercise and consider fitness an important investment in their childrens’ futures, as well as their own. They also recognize healthy eating options, such as those provided by Zoës Kitchen, keep their tanks full and fuel the way towards success.

We spoke with three OTF Houston coaches about how they manage through the school year without sacrificing their commitment to fitness and their favorite go-to Zoës Kitchen menu options:

Coach Kristy suggests immediately exercising in the morning since children need their parents after work for activities and homework. Kristy enjoys the efficiency of OTF’s one-hour session offering cardio, strength and endurance training. (The climate-controlled studio is another plus!) Above all, be consistent with your fitness…don’t cancel on yourself. And sustain your momentum throughout the day by enjoying a high-protein meal such as Zoës Kitchen’s Protein Power Plate featuring grilled chicken and caramelized onions over a bed of fresh marinated slaw.

Coach Elizabeth recommends families set and share their fitness goals and plans together while enjoying dinner such as a Zoës Kitchen Moroccan Chicken Family option. Discuss the benefits of exercise with your children; schedule workout times on your individual and family calendars; review progress regularly at a family meeting; create times to actively play together; and set (and follow!) bedtimes to give everyone the recommended hours of sleep to support energy, memory and mood.

Coach Keri emphasizes the importance of staying positive. If your child gets sick or you have a last-minute work meeting and miss a workout, that’s okay. Don’t let one missed session turn into a weeklong hiatus. Instead, do something with your kids at home to increase your heart rate. Also, plan ahead and follow routines that enable time for personal exercise and eliminate unwanted stress. For example, each night have all backpacks loaded and ready by the door for a quick morning departure or dedicate time each weekend for healthy meal planning, shopping and food prep. In a pinch? Turn to Zoës Kitchen for the Hummus Duo and Veggies or Chicken Kabobs.

Most importantly, these OTF Houston coaches and moms all agree that fitness and good food choices fill your energy tank for the challenges and joys of family life. Remember that our kids are always watching, so it is important to model a healthy lifestyle.

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