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Keeping it Balanced with Whole30

Guest blog written by Certified Whole30 Coach, Kirsty Briscoe.

Being a mom can be tough.

Being a mom is full of games of hide and seek, laughing until my stomach hurts and learning what is important to my babies on the drive home from school. We make kitchen messes, play hours of Legos and sometimes watch a little too much TV just so we can snuggle a little longer.It truly is wonderful and rewarding! But for years, I missed the balance of these things. I didn’t always allow myself the time, the privilege or the permission to enjoy it all. But the joy can be found. It just takes a bit of self-reflection and staying true to what you stand for.

Time and time again the world tells us moms to be selfless and to always put the kids first. And while I don’t necessarily disagree with that, one must take a look at what that actually means. We have to really stop and analyze how we live our lives and see if our choices are really what is best for our children in the long run.

My Story.

When my kids were smaller, I used to be guilt-stricken for allowing them to fuss for a while during the last 5 minutes of my home workout. I would be hard on myself if they had a bad time in childcare at the gym and I would often times skip my healthy habits altogether in the name of “quality time.” I indulged their fast food requests more than I should have and would allow healthy boundaries to get blurry out of “love.”

Slowly but surely, I found myself becoming a tired, cranky and watered-down version of my former self. As I began to notice my own decline in wellness and happiness, I realized that my children did what I DID much more than what I SAID to do.

So here I was, feeling completely trapped in my role as a mom. I was no longer who I wanted to be, and I was not modeling the habits I wanted my kids to carry into their adult lives. Finding myself pulled by the world’s expectation to be the martyr mom.

I know this may sound a little melodramatic, but every mom experiences this at some point. If you are the mom that has not hit that point quite yet, beware, it will happen.

It did not take me long to realize that this way of life was not working. But it also did not take me long to demand a change. Just as I coach with Paleo Folks, I refuse to settle for anything less than the best version of myself.

I realized that my kids are not the ONLY set of people in this family that matter. It might sound silly, but I had to start making myself a priority, too.

I started seeking out options in all areas of life that served both me and my kids.

My Family + Zoës Kitchen.

When we stumbled upon Zoës Kitchen it quickly became our favorite “let’s go out to eat” destination!

As a Certified Whole30 Coach, I refuse to lower my “better for you” food standards and tell my clients one thing and then live differently myself.

When my kids and I go to Zoës, there are many options for them to choose from, none of which I have to force them to order! The Live Med Kids Meal options are ones that they truly love – the Pizza Piadina and Salmon Kabobs are favorites around here! The food is so fresh and flavorful that they don’t even realize it is the better for you option. This is a huge win for any mom!

The extensive Whole30 Approved menu makes me so happy. As I explained earlier, I knew I had to find options that served both me and my kids, and the Whole30 Approved menu speaks to that perfectly. My kids can choose their favorites and I am able to choose those hassle-free, Whole30 Approved menu items that are both delicious and better for me – even when I’m not doing a Whole30. My personal favorite is the Mediterranean Chicken with the grilled potato salad and roasted vegetables!

As moms, we often minimize the effect our food quality has on our parenting. So for me, better for you food is a NEED and not just an option.

When we are tight on time or I just do not have it in me to cook, Zoës Kitchen is a lifesaver for us. No one has to compromise on taste or health and the “what’s for dinner” stress just goes away.

Overall, Zoës is a mom’s best friend. If you have not made Zoës Kitchen a quick dinner out in your regular rotation, you are missing out!

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