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Sticking with Whole30—for the Whole Month

By Theresa Newman

As a Whole30 Certified Coach, it’s been a privilege to see my clients through the process of improving their health—and their lives— through what they eat.  

But whether you start Whole30 it in January or July, it is not a small undertaking. There are new rules to follow, the cooking can get a little daunting, and the temptations abound.

So how do you stick to Whole30 for the whole month? 

Plan, plan, plan

The key to making it through 30 whole days of Whole30 is to plan, plan, plan. And then, plan some more. Take the time before each week to review your calendar, figure out what you will be cooking, and scheduling lunch or dinner out for a break.  

Eat out — but do your homework first

I love to cook— but everyone needs a break, so planning to eat out once or twice is key to avoiding burnout before completing the program. Eating out can be tricky on Whole30, so do your homework and have a couple of options ready in your back pocket for the days you feel tired, or maybe just feel like rewarding yourself.

A Whole30-approved meal at Zoës Kitchen.

Whole30-approved menus, like Zoës Kitchen’s menu, make life so much easier—especially for me as a Whole30 coach. There are very few restaurants I feel comfortable sending my clients to — Zoës Kitchen’s Whole30-approved menu means I can send my clients there with no  hesitation.

A Whole30 Coach’s go-to Zoës Kitchen order

My go-to Zoës meal is the salmon kabobs with the grilled potato salad and a greek salad – hold the cheese!  The kabobs are fresh off the grill, and the whole meal feels delicious and comforting.  

Gather around the table with other Whole30’ers

A lot of people are understandably weary of eating out while on Whole30. Recently, I held a Whole30 Community Lunch at Zoës Kitchen—and one of my favorite things was to see everyone sit back and relax as they enjoyed so many Whole30-approved flavors and options. 

Get the family in on it

As a mother of three grown children and grandmother of two baby girls, family dinners are a regular routine in my home. While cooking for everyone is one sure way to introduce Whole30-friendly dinners for the whole family — I do love having the Zoës family meal option. Everyone is happy, and I get a break from feeding the crowd.

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